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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Summertime business! The time of busyness! I feel like my mind has been constantly in a blender, whirring at full speed, with the "grind" button hitting me over and over and over throughout the last month. Plan this! Clean that! Call to make that appointment! All while simultaneously entertaining two small children! And listen to their stories! And their screaming! Usually at the same time! And feed them! Bite by bite! And oh yeah, you're pregnant! So don't try too hard to bend over! Except that Cheerio is pretty far away and you have to pick it up before someone steps on it!! And mop this floor, it's disgusting! And don't forget your husband is buying a dental practice! And you're going to be buying a house! So pack already! But not too much, you're pregnant!

Somewhere in the middle of that, I've written a grand total of almost 2000 words. I suppose that's something, right?


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