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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Word Goals and Homeless Babies

Baby #3 is due on October 25. I have deduced that if I write 3500-4000 words a week, I will finish my first draft before he is born. So that is my new goal.

This week I wrote 4156 words, and technically I have two more nights to write more. So I feel pretty good about the goal.

This last month was so incredibly busy, between vacationing to visit family, a trip to Disneyland, and church and motherly responsibilities. But now that I am in my third trimester we are officially home bound for the rest of the year. We aren't even traveling anywhere for the holidays (did that once before with a newborn--not willing to repeat that mistake!).

We also put an offer in on a house that was accepted by the seller (woohoo!) but it is a short sale so now we have to wait for approval from the bank (booooooo!). So it looks like unless there is a major miracle, we will be having our third nursery-less baby. Yep, that's right. So far every single one of our newborns has had no room to sleep in.
  • Superboy: slept in dining alcove in our one-bedroom apartment until he was three weeks old, when we moved to a two-bedroom apartment. (This is the aforementioned child we flew across the country to visit family at Christmas when he was only six weeks old. Night-mare.)
  • Tinkie: slept in the place of our dining room table in the main room of said two-bedroom apartment until she was 14 days old, when we moved across the country from Florida to Arizona. She then proceeded to sleep in 7 more places (hotel rooms, grandma and grandpa's house, more hotel rooms) until finally she got her own room at about four weeks old.
  • X-Man: will probably be sleeping in the office of our current three-bedroom rental, where he will at least have a door.
Yeah, we sure bring in our babies right.

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