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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcome to the Freaking Awesomeness!

Five reasons why my life is freaking awesome:

1) I am married to the most gorgeous man on the planet, who also happens to be a dentist, and he makes scrubs look dang good.
2) I have two freaking adorable children I get the privilege of staying home with every day.
3) I am going to be an author someday! I don't know when, but I know it will happen if I work hard enough.
4) I love my church and I'm so glad I joined it 9 1/2 years ago (
5) I can cross one eye and not the other. Freaky AND freaking awesome, right?

I founded this blog so that I can sit and chat about my gratitude for the awesomeness, and to elaborate on the many aspects of it in greater and more awesome detail. And I'd love for you to come and chat about it, too, so stick around!


  1. Did you know my mantra is: Being AWESOME takes hard work. ? You can use it on your new FreAKin' Awesome blog if you want too. :-)

    Ps.. lOved the Christmas Card. You're family is SOO AWESOME! Keep up the hard work!

  2. Thanks, B. Can I use that mantra and post your photo next to it on my sidebar? In fact, will you BE my mantra? Because, let's face it, you're pretty much the most freaking awesome person I know.

  3. I loved your Christmas card, your family is so cute and fun! And your new blog!! It's fr-, okay, I won't say it. But, it is. :)

  4. Do you like how I comment on all of your posts. And I'm supposed to be packing right now. Anyway, I think YOU are freaking awesome.

  5. I'm so excited that I'm on the list with Aprilynne, Janette, and Stephenie. They are my besties.