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Friday, December 24, 2010

Best Christmas Ever!

Merry Christmas!

Or, as my son likes to say, Merry Christmas-mas-mas-mas! (Mas-mas-mas-mas!) You see, it has this whole jingle to it, which he sings the same way every time....

This morning we went bowling. I got an awesome high score of 87, which is my best yet, thanks to the sweet way I bounce the ball off the bumpers at just the perfect angle to snag one or two pins at a time. I beat both my children this time, which is a first, while Iceman (that's my husband) pretty much doubled my score. Egads! Well, despite my severe lack of bowling skills, we think Christmas Eve bowling just might be a nice family tradition to start. And who knows? Maybe I'll actually break 100 someday.

Later, the boys went to see the new Narnia while I played the Christmas elf and did some super-special wrapping. Then I made a dinner, which truly was--blog pun aside--freaking awesome. Afterward we read the story of Jesus' birth and acted it out using the Little People Nativity Set my parents bought for the kids (thanks, Mom and Dad!). We each wrote Him a gift--something we want to do better next year--and put it in His stocking (we have a white one just for Him).

And after that, we opened our Christmas Eve presents--new pjs--and put them on to watch The Santa Clause. I bought my 4-year-old son a onesie outfit, footies and all, and he thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. I've never seen him laugh so hard when we had to lay him down like a baby to put them on.

Once the movie was done, we put the cookies and milk on the table next to a letter for Santa, sprinkled reindeer food (oats and glitter) onto the driveway, and left carrots on the porch. I'll never forget my son in his little onesie pjs, standing under the glow of the Christmas lights, sprinkling glitter oat dust all over the driveway and giggling in his highly contagious way. And now the kiddos are in bed, and we are staging the scene for Santa.

This time of year is so much fun! Hope your Christmas is Ho-Ho-Howesome!

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  1. That sounds like a WONDERFUL Christmas. I love the white stocking idea. And the glittery oats! We did the manger scene with cousins, and my son was the angel. He told his cousins that he was the "BAD angel," then stood up on the ottoman and said, "Fear not! I'm going to fly away to Baby Jesus!" Yeah...well, we need to study the book of Luke this year.